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BLOG / Market Branding: NY OJ


Market Branding: NY OJ

Why am I not surprised to see Tropicana come out with a market branding campaign expanding upon “I Love NY”? Because they’re a brand that gets it. Despite the fiasco that took place a few years ago, they’ve done a great job of brand reparation through an upbeat and engaging “Put the Good in Morning” campaign, and now this. Just the other day, I was jumping on the (S) line here in NYC, and was delighted by Tropicana wrapped subway cars. An eye-catching illustrative theme kept me captivated for the five minutes I was in route, and made me a big believer in the brand once again. Kudos to Tropicana for making my simple subway trip a “good” one. And while I’ll always love Tropicana OJ, I love it even more now that it’s NY OJ :)


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