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ABOUT US Canopy is a branding agency that turns ideas into ownable moments. We do this through strategic planning, creative, and digital expertise that creates immediate and ongoing consumer engagement.

19 W 21st St, Suite 901, New York, NY 10010


Ever ask yourself, “Why didn’t my agency think of that?!”

A common question when it comes to agency-client relationships. We wake up everyday to make sure our clients aren’t asking it — ever. It starts from the top down, and it’s all about making sure we do one simple thing – be proactive. See, if we’re not taking the initiative, then we really don’t see our purpose. And Canopy is an agency designed around one key word: Initiative.

There are a million and one agencies out there that can execute. We call them “Doers”. It’s a ticket to play in our industry. That’s not why we exist, nor why you hire us. You hire us because we are ‘creative agents of initiative’. We never stop thinking on your behalf. It’s often detrimental to our sleep, but we don’t care because it’s what we love to do. And if loving our clients is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. (That’s from a song isn’t it?)

And, by the way, here are some of the things we do really well: